All laser services are $1/min.  $1.10/min (prices caught up with inflation in August 2016) One of the best rates in town.  This is only for time the laser is actually running a job.
Currently, set up, design, layout, and other services are not charged.  Some jobs take several hours of set up time, calibrations, etc.

Laser bed size is ~24″x40″, or 600mmx1000mm.  Try to allow a buffer of centimeter at least, especially on engraving projects.


I have a variety of materials on hand:
    • 1/8″ plywood (poplar, mahogany, and more) $2.50/ft²
    • 1/4″ plywood (pine) $2.50-$3.50ft²
    • .080″ acrylic (clear) $3/ft²
    • 1/8″ acrylic (clear) $4.50/ft²
    • 3/16″ acrylic (clear) $6.50/ft²
    • 1/4″ acrylic (clear $9.50/ft²
    • Glass coaster $1/each
    • Glass coaster Set of six $5
    • Pint Glass (Clear, Made in USA) $3
    • Stainless Steel Dog Tag $0.50

Also available:  Colored acrylic, custom size glass 1/8″-1/2


I can accept payments via Google Wallet (Highly preferred), Square Cash, Paypal, Intuit Quickbooks Payments, cash (next preferred), check, and credit card.

I can also invoice larger jobs for businesses.

On Vacation:




I am not currently taking on new jobs.

I’ll be out of the country until November 15th.  I expect to have a backlog of jobs at that point.

If your job is time sensitive, please keep this in mind before emailing.