What Materials

Table of Laserable materialsExample Engrave on Stainless SteelOne of the most frequent questions I receive is if I can cut metal.  Unfortunately, this is a no.  The cost was three times that of the type of laser I got.  I can mark several metals, but it is often more expensive.

Cutting is generally faster than engraving as it follows one line while an engrave splits an image into lines between a quarter of a millimeter to a hundredth of a millimeter wide.  It must then travel across the entire width of that image at that line.

I most commonly cut plywood, acrylic, and paper.  I have also cut leather, fabric, cardstock, thin stainless sheeting (it takes forever), cork, cardboard, and more.

Ask me about cutting new materials.  Many plastics cannot be cut as they emit toxic or corrosive gases.

Laser bed size is ~24″x40″, or 600mmx1000mm.  Try to allow a buffer of centimeter at least, especially on engraving projects.

On Vacation:




I am not currently taking on new jobs.

I’ll be out of the country until November 15th.  I expect to have a backlog of jobs at that point.

If your job is time sensitive, please keep this in mind before emailing.