About Zot Laser Cutting and Engraving


The idea of Zot started in October of 2012.  The idea to start a laser cutting and engraving business stemmed from my participation in the NE Seattle Tool Library and The Bike Shack.  I wanted to be able to permanently, legibly, and consistently mark tools for a tool library and my non-profit.  It was also a means to offer affordable laser cutting and engraving in the Seattle area.

While there were many tech shops in the area that offered laser cutting, prices were often high or had monthly membership costs and a high learning curve.  For me, no job is too small. I wanted to offer this service to as many people as possible in an affordable manner.
I crowd-funded a portion of my initial costs via Indiegogo offering unique options for my supporters including discounted services.  Without my early supporters, Zot would not be here today.

I work primarily in Inkscape, a free and open-source vector drawing program.  Anyone interested in making laser files is just a few short clicks to having the means to making their own files without expensive proprietary programs.

On Vacation:




I am not currently taking on new jobs.

I’ll be out of the country until November 15th.  I expect to have a backlog of jobs at that point.

If your job is time sensitive, please keep this in mind before emailing.