Current jobs and new pricing

Been a while:

More wedding and Burning Man stuff this year.

I’m increasing my prices to keep it the same as when I first started Zot to account for inflation.  I still don’t charge setup, design, or other fees, though I almost certainly should.  You can still feel free to tip, however.

A few examples:

Wishing Station
One of eight Wishing Stations made and installed at multiple festivals this year including Cascadia Northwest. By Elise Koncsek
Burning Man gift pendants.
Gift pendants for Burning Man.
A "guestbook" for a wedding.
A wedding “guestbook.”
Wedding "guestbook."
Wedding “guestbook.”
Large Luminaries
2’x3′ luminaries by Elise Koncsek installed at Critical Northwest


Bike Cog ClockA customer recently made a nice clock with a nice simple laser-cut cog integrated with an actual chainring.


wedding coaster

Lots of art and weddings:

Lately I’ve had a lot (a LOT!) of engraving on wedding pint glasses, candle-holders, and other accouterments.  Some beautiful and crafty people doing their weddings this year!

Also made stencils for local artist Sarah Teasdale.

Sarah Teasdale Work Examples GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Of  course I also have ongoing work for Elise Koncsek, tabletops for a local pub, name tags for various businesses, random parts to I-don’t-even-know-what, and various other one-off projects.

On a personal front I’m trying to get funding for a project for installation both near home and at Burning Man.  Unfortunately I haven’t heard back from any of the half-dozen or so grants I’ve applied for.


On Vacation:




I am not currently taking on new jobs.

I’ll be out of the country until November 15th.  I expect to have a backlog of jobs at that point.

If your job is time sensitive, please keep this in mind before emailing.