Current jobs and new pricing

Been a while:

More wedding and Burning Man stuff this year.

I’m increasing my prices to keep it the same as when I first started Zot to account for inflation.  I still don’t charge setup, design, or other fees, though I almost certainly should.  You can still feel free to tip, however.

A few examples:

Wishing Station
One of eight Wishing Stations made and installed at multiple festivals this year including Cascadia Northwest. By Elise Koncsek
Burning Man gift pendants.
Gift pendants for Burning Man.
A "guestbook" for a wedding.
A wedding “guestbook.”
Wedding "guestbook."
Wedding “guestbook.”
Large Luminaries
2’x3′ luminaries by Elise Koncsek installed at Critical Northwest


Bike Cog ClockA customer recently made a nice clock with a nice simple laser-cut cog integrated with an actual chainring.


wedding coaster

Lots of art and weddings:

Lately I’ve had a lot (a LOT!) of engraving on wedding pint glasses, candle-holders, and other accouterments.  Some beautiful and crafty people doing their weddings this year!

Also made stencils for local artist Sarah Teasdale.

Sarah Teasdale Work Examples GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Of  course I also have ongoing work for Elise Koncsek, tabletops for a local pub, name tags for various businesses, random parts to I-don’t-even-know-what, and various other one-off projects.

On a personal front I’m trying to get funding for a project for installation both near home and at Burning Man.  Unfortunately I haven’t heard back from any of the half-dozen or so grants I’ve applied for.


Recent Work:


I just wanted to show some recent jobs people have been doing as gifts.

Picture of laser cut lion



Cut paper lion by Aaron Hayden finished and mounted and in process.

Cards made by Rose Alyea.
Cards made by Rose Alyea.

Cut paper cards by Rose Alyea.

Coasters made for a friend's sister.
Coasters made for a friend’s sister.

Up-cycled wood flooring samples.

Key fobs.
Key fobs.

Personalized key fobs made by a customer for friends.

US Marshal Badge Cutout
A cutout US Marshal Badge for a New Year’s Eve costume.